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The Exchange Preston

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Royal Exchange Kingston

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Fulham Reach

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London Dock

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Parkhouse, Woodberry Down 1 bed

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Affinity Living

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Goodman’s Fields

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Dock East

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I have been lived in Britain for many years and finally have Permanent Visa. Last year, when I was pregnant, I began to realize that because of the busy Chinese supermarket and take away business, we were ignoring our own living environment. Conceive a child, we began to consider to buy a house. Because of most of our income is cash, many banks have refused my request for a loan. Thank LSCG for recommending a very experienced loan consultant to help me, let me successfully apply for a loan. Finally, I bought a house near North junction area 2 and 3 with 4 bedrooms, one living room, parking, private garden, and it is a freehold property. Ms. Zhang
I came from Wenzhou, engaged in real estate and hotel business in China while my son lived in Britain for many years and has already obtained a permanent resident visa. I want to invest London property through a range of services provided by LSCG and finally I have purchased 10 off-plan units from LSCG instructed property stock with the assistance of LSCG and make very good profits. Mr. Wang

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